The Dasein Model

Why a membership?

  • We chose an inclusive membership model because we wanted remove the potential for financial bias in clinical decision making. You can always be assured that we are doing what is in your best interest because we have no incentive to recommend one treatment, therapy, supplement, etc. over another. What you pay for in a membership is our time, our expertise, and our commitment to your health. 

What is included?

  • What is included will generally depend on individual client needs, but since we believe so strongly in preventative care there is no level of membership that precludes any service - it is only the quantity of the services included that will vary. 

    • The Systematic Prevention and Regeneration Program

      • Cardiovascular​

      • Neurological 

      • Cognitive

      • Musculoskeletal

      • Endocrine

      • Nutrition

      • Immunological 

      • Genetics & Epigenetics

      • And more...