About the Practice

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

          I first encountered the term “Dasein” (da-zaɪ̯n) while listening to a lecture on existential philosophy, which more or less detailed how to best act in the world. The term really shined through to me because of how deeply its meaning resonated with how I approach healthcare. Dasein is an account of Being that is comprised of the manifestation of all past experiences, present consciousness, and future expectations into the current moment - it is the emphasis in which I hope to approach every individual I call my client. This clinic was named to indicate that, if you join the practice, you will be signing up for a journey that will delve much deeper than symptoms, story, or any other historical anchor - we will aim to restore meaning and value in addition to physical wellness and optimization, and that to me is well-Being.

          The logo, a phoenix, is representative of change and rebirth - transformation - a symbol that means you can't grow and accommodate new information if you hold on to the old systems. The transformative process is not an easy one, because in order to do it one must endure the pain of allowing parts of the old self to burn. What we aim to do is equip clients with the information needed to transform - to shed the old and start anew.