Exosome Therapy

You've got the bees, what about the honey?

The bee and honey metaphor is an extension of the one made by Douglas Spiel, MD. in which stem cells are portrayed as bees and harborers of their valuable product, honey - portrayed as exosomes. Exosomes are small vesicles that contain various cargo - proteins, RNA, cytokines, interferons, etc. to be delivered the target tissue. Exosomes also exert their effects by triggering quiescent, tissue-specific resident stem cells to become active and involved in the healing process. The exosomes we use are from placental mesenchymal stem cells, which contain immunomodulatory and migratory signals, among others, which have potential benefit in a great many systems, from musculoskeletal to neurological. Exosomes' unique size profile allow them to be delivered practically anywhere in the body - injured joints, tissues, intravenously, and even in the spinal cord.