Manual Tissue Manipulation

Somatosensory Re-Education

Our sensory experience is dependent on the proper integration of the barrage of inputs from our organs, including the skin, muscles, joints, intestines, and so on. Lifestyle habits impact the integration in a large way because the way a person acts and behaves determines what they learn and those patterns become reinforced over time. This also includes both healthy and unhealthy behaviors which put the body through physical stressors that impact the integrity of the tissues. On the other hand, injuries and other acute disruptions incite a repair and remodeling process that often leaves scar tissue and compromised regional function.
The role of manual tissue manipulation in the Dasein Health schema of recovery is two-fold: 1) to re-educate the brain in regard to its perception and governance of muscle/joint/bone behavior, and 2) to address local connective tissue dysfunction that is contributing to point #1. This is seldom a solo modality and is used in combination with other modalities that enhance neuroplasticity and tissue remodeling. It is a part of the global approach to re-establishing or maintaining well-Being.

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