Regenerative Orthopedics

Restore resiliency

We are aim to build resiliency. This means that we are trying to shift the focus to preventative orthopedics and musculoskeletal health by ensuring tissue strength and integrity and making the system anti-fragile. Baseball player? Let's pretreat that rotator cuff. Football player? Let's pretreat the knee and its compartments. We want to reduce or even eliminate the change of tissue injury. However, we also understand that most people have lived life and sustained injuries along the way. For those, we offer the suite of regenerative treatments as well.

Traditionally, acute sports injuries and overuse, degenerative conditions that do not respond to rest and conservative rehabilitation (such as physical therapy) have been treated with a combination of anti-inflammatory medication taken by mouth, anti-inflammatory medication injected into the affected areas and, ultimately, with surgery to remove the injured or degenerated tissue.

Modern regenerative medicine aims to change the way these injuries or degenerative conditions are treated. Excessive use of steroids can be harmful. Surgical removal of tissue is an irreversible process, which can sometimes lead to more rapid onset of degeneration. Recent research has recognized the fact that acute inflammation stimulates tissue repair. We have also come to realize that we can harness our body’s intrinsic ability to repair and heal or regenerate. When applicable, regenerative treatments are a better, natural alternative to conventional treatment. 

Regenerative treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. Using our pain mapping techniques, combined with advanced radiology, we find area that has the highest probability of causing your pain. Taking into account the correct diagnosis and how long the injury or condition has persisted, we establish whether a patient is a candidate for regenerative treatments, and which kind of treatment is the most appropriate for the individual patient.

At Dasein Health, we use proprietary algorithms and methods of collection and concentration of blood platelets. Years ago, after rigorous testing, we rejected the commercially available kits and set out to create our own methods. After a painstaking process that took many years, we are proud of our finished regenerative products and our quality controls. In addition, all of our procedures are guided by fluoroscopy (live X-ray) or ultrasound, which ensures the accurate placement of whatever we are injecting. 

Regenerative Therapies: