Applied Neuroscience

Reconnect the Brain

Applied, or functional, neuroscience, is the rehabilitation of the brain through its inherent functional connectivity - it is reintegrating processing centers and reestablishing appropriate signaling throughout the nervous system. The brain is an amazing organ, orchestrating a seemingly infinite amount of processes simultaneously; however, many other factors contribute to its proper execution, which is where integrative holistic medicine adds integrity to a seamless performance. These factors include the metabolic, endocrine, immunologic, and circadian systems that form functional and repetitive loops. Neuroplasticity is now a well-known concept in neuroscience, and all it really means is that connections between groups of neurons can change – for good and for bad. There are countless ways this phenomenon can occur and it is the substrate of learning and adaptation. Many functional and anatomical disorders can be traced to abnormal neuronal communication and aberrant integration of internal and external signals, whether they are due to trauma, chronic illness, and infectious disease, among others. The goal of functional neurology is to support the nervous system with region-specific stimulation in order to rewire it, and functional medicine aims to support physiology that has been interrupted or compromised by life events or the environment.

What does all this look like? A general outline would look like this:

  • Brain function diagnostic workup

    • Eye movement tracking

    • Balance assessment

    • Neurological examination

  • Rehabilitation Plan - NeuroProtect and NeuroRestore

    • Eye exercises, balance and proprioceptive training, visuospatial remapping, trans-cranial ultrasound, and much more

  • Repeat diagnostic workup and therapy as needed.

For a more in-depth look at our tools check out our modalities and equipment

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