Balance testing

The right way with Sway

Sway Balance is an FDA-cleared mobile balance testing system that reinvents the way individuals are monitored for signs of balance-related dysfunction. Sway measures stability using the built in motion sensors of any iOS mobile device to quantify postural sway. Motion analysis algorithms calculate stability and provide a composite score that conveys postural integrity across different challenges. Different testing conditions reveal different things about how visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular systems are functioning both individually and in combination. 
There are many conditions where balance begins to decrease, but the good (and bad) thing about the brain is its ability to compensate for functional losses. So, balance problems are often a late manifestation of a disease process unless the initial trigger was acute or traumatic like a concussion, blast injury, stroke, etc. At any rate, as bipedal beings who depend on the appropriate balance in order to navigate the world it is worth getting an assessment, particularly if you are in a high-risk space like the armed-forces, athletics, extreme sports, and in the elderly population where falls are the leading cause of injury and death.

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