Conventional and Specialized Testing

Peel Back the Layers

Checking blood chemistry and other avenues of biomarker testing is a vital component to any neurological program because the brain is extremely sensitive to the internal environment. There are many reasons a brain can be on fire, from autoimmunity to post-concussion inflammation, and sometimes just getting conventional bloodwork helps guide us into peeling back an additional layer of what's really going on. That isn't to say that our 'conventional' panel isn't extensive - it is still far more comprehensive than what an individual would get at the conventional physician office. When indicated, we are able to look at a wide variety of markers like food sensitivities, heavy metals, environmental toxicants, hormones and their metabolites, antibodies to brain tissue, and much more. Specialized testing isn't always necessary, but when more complex cases require higher resolution pictures they are one of the ways we zoom in.