The Optimizer

Optimize your well-Being

The Optimizer is for an all-around boost to the metabolic machine that is the human system. Full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants this cocktail makes a great adjunct for an off-day, jet-lag, mid-term, or any other kind of day. On another note, given present contamination with herbicides and pesticides, it is likely that food just isn’t enough to stay metabolically optimal. Every chemical reaction that occurs in the body requires these vitamins and/or minerals in some form, because they help facilitate and speed the process along. Having more building blocks ready to be shipped to cells in need helps prevent fatigue and build resiliency to daily stressors. The benefit of obtaining these nutrients through an injection is that they will be rapidly available for cellular use and there is no worry about absorption problems through the stomach or gut. 100% of what you are receiving trough an IV is available to your system. So, if you know you need help in the nutrition department or even if you are doing everything right but just need that extra edge, adding in The Optimizer may help you achieve your goals. The Optimizer can be tailored to fit particular lifestyles as well, from athletes to the weekend warriors.