The ImmunoBoost

Winter is coming

Do you ever have the feeling you're coming downwith something? The immune system is an intricate one that has specific needs in order to function appropriately. It can be thought of as our own unique armed force - a force that has multiple divisions that respond to different kinds and levels of threat. These forces vary in skill and specificity of duty, like the general peace officers compared to special forces or SWAT. It may be tempting to want the highly specialized and deadly forces to respond to every internal battle, but in reality, it is best to support the low-resolution protectors so that special operations are left for just that – special situations. If the immune system does not operate through the appropriate chain of command then it can become dysregulated and inefficient. So how do we support these first-responders? We send in the best supplies and equipment possible to help them restrain, contain, and eliminatethe source of inflammation. 

Our ImmunoBoost Plan gives a boost to the immune system while also combatting foreign invaders that would disrupt well-being. This is not a replacement for maintaining immune system balance, but rather an adjunct when stress is high, sleep is off, traveling or winter is around the bend. Don’t wait until you feel bad to come in, take a preventative step and get your boost preemptively!