Regenerative Procedure Recovery Plan

Boost your recovery potential

Regenerative procedures like prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cell therapy are dependent upon the normal inflammatory response of your body. Imagine the area like a crime scene - in order to be processed correctly with the best chance of solving the crime, the authorities have to send in specialized units to gather data, collect evidence, and so on. If they don’t, there is a much smaller chance that the perpetrator will get apprehended, and much greater chance that they will engage in more criminal activity. In this example, the body will sense the local inflammation (crime scene) and send immune cells (detectives) to investigate the new damage. From there, the immune cells will call in agents of regeneration like fibroblasts and stem cells to repair the damage. Of course, this happens much faster and to a greater extent due to the products that are introduced. All this to say that in this case inflammation is actually something that we want for a couple days. The Regenerative Procedure Recovery Plan is geared to detoxify the body and stimulate and support the stem cell functions.