Genetic and Epigenetic Coaching

Precision medicine through genetic idiosyncrasy

The advent of genetic testing has led to a profound expanse in personalized medicine. However, there has always been trouble in the interpretation of genetic variants and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) because of the issue of penetrance. In other words, the amount of people that have a variant that manifest a change in function is generally not impacted by a single SNP. In attempts to mitigate these issues, we utilize groupings of genetic variants by categorizing them by their potential to manifest across the different body systems - from fatty acid metabolism and nutrition, to sleep patterns and hormone metabolism. Genetic proclivities can then provide another vantage point to triangulate along with diagnostic workup, physical examination, and blood work, to promote optimal expression in the individual.  

With genetic data it is always important to emphasize that, while that data won't change, we are able to manifest or cause change in how they are expressed. This is akin to updating software on a piece of hardware - or even renovating a home that maintains the foundation and general frame. We aim to optimize each individual system based off of the hardware, while also introducing interventions that will change the expression and efficiency of said hardware.