Stress Management

Befriend the subconscious

What is stress? Is it bad? Is it always bad? Interestingly enough, we can't live without stress, can't learn without stress, or even grow without stress. So why does stress have such a bad reputation? Well, because stress also contributes to sleep problems, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, autoimmunity, and many more chronic conditions. The devil is in the details. 

  • What is the stressor?

  • How long is it present?

  • How pleasant was your childhood?

  • Did your mother have a stressful pregnancy?

  • How well do you sleep? 

  • Have you experienced psychological or emotional trauma?

Everyone responds to stressors differently - two people can experience the exact same event and have completely different psychological outcomes. Digging into how each person perceives stress but also copes with stress is a huge part of establishing or maintaining psychological well being. We understand that changing careers, taking more time off, reconciling or breaking away from pathologic family members, and other major events are not always conceivable, even if they may be the 'real' solution. We approach stress management in a supportive role - providing insight into stress physiology, providing IV ketamine-assisted therapy, providing adrenal support, and monitoring physical manifestations and biomarkers of too much stress.